Among Us Zombie animation season 1 (EP 1 ~ 5)

19 Jan 2021
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Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
Season 1(the story of SKELD) ended with episode 5.
So I put the story of Season 1 together into one video.
This is a valuable video for me because many people started to like my channel with SKELD's zombie story.
Please look forward to the upcoming story from POLUS.

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Thank you ^ ___ ^


🎵Music provided by 브금대통령 ( 9:57 )
🎵Track : Nightout With You -

🎵Music provided by 브금대통령 ( 10:00 )
🎵Track : Welcome to Hell -

  • Q : Half body? [반쪽짜리 시체가? / Medio cuerpo?] (8:32) 🤔? A : 1. It was cut by the door [문에의해 잘림 / Fue cortado por la puerta] (2:34) 😲! 2. It is moved into the hallway [복도로 옮겨짐 / Fue trasladado al pasillo] (7:28) 🤨... 3. Chair is moved [의자가 옮겨짐 / La silla se mueve] (8:25) 😏! 4. Half body remains [반쪽짜리 시체만 남음 / restos medio cuerpo] (8:32) 😂;;;

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  • El tripulante más cagado a mi al parecer fue el negro ya q durante casi toda la temporada anduvo dando putasos con el tablero de una laptop

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  • Yellow: nevermind, I am a good imposter

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  • I was so confused when red and orange were so excited to see Eachother Know im back watching episode one Seeing that orange was literally the first to die

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  • Rewatching this series. You went from zombies to how the virus affected imposters versus humans, to aliens that use the virus as a tool. And then an alternate/sibling universe

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    • @ACAPLANET would be very great to learn from u if u had made tutorials 😀

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    • I usually make one video a week. And I use a program called After Effects

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